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    Professor Pectin Technical FAQ's

    In conclusion of chemical reactions, it is a combination of both brix and pH maintained in the correct parameters that cause the pectin to set properly.

    Four Rules

    Use these four rules with HM pectins to ensure good gel strength:
    1.            Use the correct amount of pectin (minimum 2% batch weight Pacific Pectin Mix).
    2.            Hydrate the pectin in a solution no greater than 25 brix.
    3.            Ensure the solution is in between 59 to 66 brix.
    4.            Ensure the pH of the solution is between 2.9 and 3.3.

    PART TWO: Low Methoxyl (LM) pectins

    LM pectins differ from HM pectins in that LM pectins only require the presence of a metallic ion (calcium is most commonly used) to cause the reaction that sets the pectin. Hence, the brix and pH levels are not as important. For example, you can gel water with 5% of our LM-O or LM-3 pectin.

    LM-3 Pectin: Our LM-3 pectin is designed for use in low sugar applications ranging from 45 to 55 brix. This gives you a general starting point of 55% fruit 42% sugar 3% LM-3 pectin for most recipes. This would be classified as a 1/3 less sugar product. Your pH range would be 2.9 to 3.5 and determined mostly by taste. The amount of LM-3 to use would be a minimum of 3% of your total batch weight. 1/3 cup LM-3 equals one box (2oz) of store bought low-sugar pectin, and it can be used interchangeably with recipes using the store bought version.

    LM-O Pectin: Our LM-O pectin is designed for use in products with an end brix of less than 45. This would include products for diabetic and low carb applications. For most recipes, a general starting point of 95%fruit/concentrated sweetener and 5% LM-O pectin would work. LM-O pectin incorporates preservatives to inhibit mold and bacteria growth once the product is opened and in the refrigerator. The preservatives are necessary to make up for the low amount of sugar, which is a natural preservative. The pH range will be the same as stated for LM-3. The amount of LM-O to use would be a minimum of 5% of your total batch weight.

    Pectin Hydration
    Hydrating LM pectins will follow the same rules as previously stated for HM pectins.



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