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    There are countless applications and uses for the incredible substance fruit pectin, and Pacific Pectin, Inc. is proud to be leading the way as a principal producer in this industry. But what exactly is pectin, and how can it help you?

    The Versatility of Pectin

    Whether you’re a jam producer who wants to get the perfect texture for your new peach amaretto jam that’s about to hit the market, or you’re a large-scale jelly producer who aspires to compete on a national or international scale, Pacific Pectin, Inc. is a wholesale provider that can work for you. Fruit pectin can help items such as pie fillings retain their shape. It is also a large contributor to the consistency of syrups.

    There are countless candy types that rely on pectin not only for their consistency but also for their ability to hold up over time and keep their texture over their shelf life. The classic gummy bear owes its delightful, squishy belly to the molecular bond created between the molecules of glucose and the natural acid in the solution. Fruit pectin can also help bread products retain moisture and prevent milkshakes from separating.

    Natural Knowledge

    Pectin occurs naturally in fruit in the form of a carbohydrate, and fruit pectin in particular refers to a mixture usually consisting of sucrose pectin and citric acid. While all fruits and berries have some natural pectin, this substance is only commercially extracted from a few of them, primarily citrus peel and apple pomace. At Pacific Pectin, Inc., we make pectin simple by providing user-friendly options for any application.

    Fruit pectin is gluten-free, allergen-free, and GMO-free. In addition, all pectin is virtually tasteless when used at the recommended concentrations, ensuring that its flavor will not intrude on the taste of your creations.

    Ready to place your bulk order? Pacific Pectin, Inc. is ready to help you today.

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